Porcia Boateng

With a career in Finance, Porcia Boateng is an experienced Credit Expert and Generational Wealth Strategist. Through her organization, Grace Found Me, she provides expert financial counsel and the confidence young entrepreneurs need to pave their path to success and independence.

Justin Li

Justin Li is an Entrepreneur and Financial Advisor. He is on the frontline to help individuals and businesses make informed decisions regarding investments, savings, and financial planning to minimize losses and maximize profits.

Kieran Verboven

Kieran is a Senior Immigration Consultant and leads the Cambridge LLP Immigration Practice Group. His practice consists of specializations in the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, Provincial Entrepreneur Nominee programs, family reunification and professional skills immigration.

Richard Addo-Kessie

Richard Addo-Kessie is the founder of Create Wealth Network, he is an Investor/Marketing Specialist/Real Estate Broker and Mind mentor. From being in business for a while, He has pinpointed the key habits required for goal attainment, and his purpose is help others reach their top performance in whatever industry they are servicing and for them to implement strategies to Aquire generational wealth.

Belle Fille Murorunkwere

Belle Fille is a Principal Professional specializing in Data Analysis and Statistics at the Rwanda Revenue Authority. She also serves as an Assistant Lecturer and Consultant in the field of Data Science. Her contributions extend to Business Planning and Research Projects, and she has participated in numerous international events.