Entrepreneur Canada


Entrepreneur Canada is a program organized by Shemah Inc to encourage entrepreneurs locally and internationally to invest in Canada with their resources based on the fast growing economy of this country. The Shemah Inc Team organizes events across Canada to inspire and mentor entrepreneurs.

The Shemah Inc team comprises of business mentors, financial advisors for your next business success. We offer mentoring and support tools to aspiring business owners from all walks of life. Our international mentoring program matches entrepreneurs with business experts from our teams and partners around Canada.

Our mission is to support immigrant entrepreneurs to reach greater heights in business development both locally and internationally.


Going from clueless with money to being savvy enough to invest in my future and live well within my means in what feels like an instant after talking to Shemah Consultants has really put my mind at rest and I can now make informed,educated smart decisions with my money.

What we do


 We help identify new opportunities and gain insight into your next project.

• Maximize opportunities and minimize risks by learning from the experts.

We believe in you therefore we make sure you are comfortable and confident in your business aspirations.


• We focus and move with you to your business goal.

• We help build your business network and connect with people who will take you to the next level.

Upcoming Events


Shemah aims to educate and empower the best entrepreneurs around the globe. Our goal is to gather all aspiring entrepreneurs from allover the world and coach them on how to build businesses and maintain them.